Star Challenge 2021-2022
Carbon Foot Print Report
Carbon Points Accumulated
Value Accumulated:
Target Left for 75 Lakh Kms
Data Updated: 14-Aug-2022
Total Kms: 69,97,668.98
Kms Achievers
25,000 Kms: 23
10,000 Kms: 179
5,000 Kms: 420
3,000 Kms: 640
2,000 Kms: 850
1,000 Kms: 1,241
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Nashik Cyclists Foundation

Nashik Cyclists Foundation is a NGO which primary spread awareness of cycling and encourages riders to make a good practice of cycling regularly.

With Harish Baijal Sir, Vishal Ugale Sir, Dr. Manisha Raundal Madam, Kiran Chavan Sir and such few enthuastic cyclists in around 2015 became founder members of Nashik Cyclists Foundation. Starting with handful of riders today in 2022 we have registered around 2700+ riders on NCF Membership Data and 2800+ on Nashik Cyclists Foundation Strava Club.

Apart from cycling activities & events weekly / monthly / annually plus on special days, we also have social events.

Anajdan Campaign - On members birthdays or anniversarys they are appealed to contribute minmum 5 kg of grocery and such collected grocceries are hand over to needy Anathalay, Vrudha Ashram, or any such needy organisations time to time.

Re-Ra-Cycle - We collect unused or damaged cycles from all over city and repair them and over to needy students especially girls, so they can go school by bicycle.

Blood Donation Camps - After a interval of 90 days (or as per Govt norms during covid) we arrange blood camps so that all cyclists as well other citizens come and donate their blood.

Pandharpuri Wari - We are mainly recognised with the Pandharpur Wari, where hundreds of cyclists join a 3 day Pandharpur wari ride every year.

Yearly Star Challenge - Since 2020 we had started Yearly Star Strava Challenge with 1000 kilometers, 2000 Kilometers, 3000 kilometers, 5000 kilometers, 10000 kilometers target to be completed and medals, e-certificate to be awarded to them. Its a proud moment for us that on 20-Feb-2022 Our NCF Strava Club completed 50 Lakhs Kilometers where authenticated around 2800 riders in club contributed to this magic figure.

Such various events also go on monthly or weekly or daily basis to motivate riders and new riders keep on adding

Rajendra Wankhede President Nashik Cyclists Foundation

Words from Developer

Myself Yeshwant Mudholkar, a Managing Committee member of Nashik Cyclists Foundation and freelancer developer.

It is very proud moment for me to be pary of development of this website as well web application.

President Sir and all Management Committee members kept a trust on me and led me a major responsibility 2 years back. And I am trying my best to fulfill with satisfaction smiles on riders faces when they their detail ride records on our website.

Keep on visiting our website. Soon more updates and news will be flashed.

Thank you very much

Yeshwant Mudholkar