Star Challenge 2021-2022
Carbon Foot Print Report
Carbon Points Accumulated
Value Accumulated:
Target Left for 75 Lakh Kms
Data Updated: 14-Aug-2022
Total Kms: 69,97,668.98
Kms Achievers
25,000 Kms: 23
10,000 Kms: 179
5,000 Kms: 420
3,000 Kms: 640
2,000 Kms: 850
1,000 Kms: 1,241
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Date of Effective : 01-Jan-2021

Nashik Cyclists Foundation

1. Our Members Database

We take records from all Riders from Online Portal and take consent of them fulfiling all terms and conditions and we can use them for all Nashik Cyclists Foundations social media or any official purpose.

We follow up with all riders and take their age prood documents and payments proof for registration done.

2. NCF Strava Club

We add up all riders to Strava NCF Club with systematic procedure. Once we recieve their request to join we pass them all rules and regulations and thereafter approve and add up them to our NCF Strava Club.

We do not take any manual entries.

Only Rides Activities are considered.

Any cheating found as making manipulation or cheating, riders are first warned and thereafter removed from club.

3. Registration Process

All new members have to register first to Nashik Cyclists Foundation through our website

Once they are successfully registered, we add up them in our whatsapp group NCF ID wise.

They are requested to fulfill all documentation part by sending to 7447778844 Whatsapp HelpDesk number.

Incomplete any formalities, members registration process stands on hold.

4. Registration Fees Cancellation

Since this organisation is NGO and also registration fees are nominal and used mainly for official purposes like Rider Members Identity Card etc, the registration fees once paid is non-refundable.

5. Members Code of Conduct

Members are expected to follow minimum of following rules and regulations strictly and which informed time to time on groups:

01. Riders should use Helmet whenever on saddle.

02. He should have good readable Cycle tags on front side as well as back side.

03. Riders should wear good Jersey with florocent color.

04. Riders should wear Reflective Vest during low visiblity.

05. Riders should have good lights front and back during low visiblity.

06. Riders should not use headphone, ear buds, etc during ride.

07. Riders should not ride along side by side chatting during ride.

08. Riders should not use mobile phone for calling / photography or video recording during ride.

09. Riders should not use narrow fly over bridges or where strictly mentioned not for 2 wheelers or bicycles.

10. Riders should understand that they have taken option to join themselves Nashik Cyclists Foundation organsation and any events or personal rides option is by themselves. They should understand the top most priority is to follow all rules and safety to be on top priority. Any loss or permanant loss of member rider, is not directly or indirectly any sort of responsibility of Nashik Cyclists Foundation. This is already mentioned during filling online registration form also.

11. Riders should behave nice and in friendly way with co-riders and also in whatsapp groups and facebook or any other social media.

12. In special cases of events where event fees or medal fees are mentioned, riders should pay first same to complete the event formalities.

6. Collection of Data

Data is organised in very systematic way of registered members and their individual rides.

We do not pass it to any other organisation or authority. Unless where we want to claim any recognisation.

In No way we sell any of our members data to anyone.

7. Privacy of Data

Registration Data is not shared to anyone.

Personal Rides data records are flashed on leaderboards like reports with everyones consent to just motivate all riders to make progress.

We do not have any cookies as of now. But when we gradually need to have we will display equivalent consent message.

Our website do not take any informatin automatically from any source or user visiting.

All information is collected with proper online forms and information shared by members themselves.

We communicate with our Whatsapp HelpDesk number 7447778844 only to all members and that too with text messages support.

All querries are resolved by 24-72 hours and if time needed more are informed same prior.

Any other information as gets on records we will keep here updated.

By order - Nashik Cyclists Foundation